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2750-452 Cascais, Portugal

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Cancellation Policy


After your booking confirmation is made, you will accept the following terms:



  1. If the reservation is made less than 30 days before the check-in, the customer must pay 50% when booking and the rest during his/her stay (when checking in or out).
  2. A reservation can be canceled by Legasea Cascais Guesthouse (Adrenalinempire Lda.), if the payment isn’t made under the conditions described above.
  3. Reservations made in platforms (eg: Booking, Airbnb, etc.) are managed by the respective websites.
  4. The cancellation of a confrmed reservation up to 30 days before the beginning of the service implies 50% of the reservation amount (to cover administration expenses and others). The rest will be refunded to the costumer. *
  5. If the cancellation is communicated less than 30 days before the beginning of the service there is no refund. Furthermore, once checked-in thecostumer is not entitled to any reimbursement for any unused services.

* Due to the recent virus (Covid-19) we are making our best to be fexible if existent bookings need to be re-booked for other dates. We either change the booking dates or issue a voucher to be used later this year or in 2021.

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